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Welcome to the future of custom fashion

TELOS Style is dedicated to building a platform that enables customers to get custom fashion from skilled independent fashion designers worldwide. Our goal is providing a unique experience where customers can get all kinds of clothing designs (custom gowns, bespoke suits, avant garde looks, and more) tailored to their unique measurements, which are taken by a trusted and TELOS Style-appointed local tailor, whom also does the final fitting. By embracing the talent of independent fashion designers and leveraging a global network of tailors, we aim to bring personalized style, custom fit, and elevated experience to the forefront of accessible fashion.

TELOS Style is industry built

TELOS Style is being built by industry professionals based in New York and London who recognize an undeniable market demand for the unique solution. Their extensive relationships and wealth of experience form the bedrock of TELOS Style, infusing it with the vibrant spirit of innovation, global collaboration, and limitless possibilities. The founder of a luxury fashion brand established during Paris Fashion Week in 2017, with an extensive background as an independent designer and a network of industry connections, conceived the idea for TELOS Style. Their work also garners recognition in leading industry publications and fosters collaborations with major global brands.

What does ‘Telos’ in TELOS Style mean?

Telos: [te·los] noun - the ultimate objective or aim, the purposeful end.

According to Aristotle, telos signifies that everything possesses a purpose or end goal - and that supreme good is found when things fulfill their purpose. TELOS Style unravels the threads of our ultimate purpose, illuminating our truest and best self... we help you achieve your ultimate purpose.

How does custom fashion with TELOS Style it work exactly?

Our founder writes it out below. 
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The right fashion designer can bring your custom clothing design vision to life

I like to explain it this way. Imagine you’re looking for a special occasion dress or suit for an important milestone. You’re searching at all the nearby department stores and luxury boutiques, but the items you do find that look great don’t fit, and the items that fit… you guessed it: don’t look great. Then, you’re on Instagram or Pinterest, and you see the perfect looks, but you worry about purchasing it without know if it will fit, if it will come in time, if the company you are looking at is legitimate and reputable… how do you know you can trust it? Given the significance of this investment decision, this is a task that you must navigate with care and discretion.
This is where TELOS Style comes in. You can sign up for our marketplace where we have a slate of trusted, established, talented independent fashion designers from around the globe for you to choose from. See their past work, customer reviews, and practices used for production (TELOS Style requires all designers follow sustainable and ethical manufacturing processes by the way, but we will get into that later). In the platform, you can request a one-on-one consultation with them.

Let us find the right fashion designer for you

If you’re not sure where to begin, you can book a complimentary matchmaking consultation where our dedicated expert concierge will pair you with the best designer(s) for your style, timeline, and financial plan. Then, meet virtually with the clothing designer of your choice to discuss inspiration, style, expectations, and fit. They propose a design for you and you work collaboratively to agree on what works best. TELOS Style will ship you fabrics swatches from the designer for you to select from and then, once all is agreed, it’s time to get measured.
TELOS Style holds a strong commitment to excellence, carefully handpicking independent fashion designers with established track records and a proven dedication to producing high-quality garments. Our rigorous selection process ensures that only the most skilled and talented independent designers become part of our esteemed network. We value creativity, craftsmanship, and attention to detail, curating a collection that represents the pinnacle of design and exceptional client service. With TELOS Style, customers can trust that they are investing in the finest creations from reputable and renowned independent fashion designers, ensuring a remarkable fashion experience that surpasses expectations.

But how do you get measured for this custom fashion design? 

fashion app tailor measuring
This is where the magic comes in. Log into the TELOS Style app, and choose from a network of local tailors that are trusted and qualified by TELOS Style. Each tailor goes through a vetting process and is universally trained according to the highest standards available (trained by a London-based Savile Row veteran) to take your measurements so that they are properly communicated to your designer for production and for best fit. Your measurements are then saved to your TELOS Style customer profile and will be accessible to all tailors and designers universally going forward. If your measurements change, simply go to any tailor in our global network and we will have them updated and re-communicated to any designers and tailors working on your designs. 

Now what?

Now, you get to sit back, relax, and watch your design being made. Watch for exciting updates from your designer and behind-the-scene production photos. A real-time progress tracking bar is visible in the TELOS Style platform, so that you have eyes on it at all times. 

How long do I wait for my custom fashion garment?

Production times vary depending on the designer, materials used, and the complexity of the design. Because you ordering a custom-fitted and bespoke high-quality piece, wait times typically range between 3-4 weeks, however may be longer depending on details of the process. At TELOS Style, we do our best to ensure efficient and expedited manufacturing, but because all supply chains used follow sustainable and ethical working practices, you will not see the same turnaround time as seen in fast fashion. (To learn more about why fast fashion is harmful to the environment and the economy, read more here). This is a methodical process that requires time, attention to detail, and strong care. 
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This custom fashion experience is a little wait

While it does require a small amount of waiting, it will be well worth it. Garments are made specifically to your custom measurements and are produced making as little waste as possible. This elevated experience is vastly different than purchasing a garment off the rack and hoping it fits. This is a personal, curated, and tailored experience that is unparalleled.
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Your custom garment is ready, now what?

You’ve probably looked at the progress photos a few times, you’ve told some of your friends, and now the day is here. You receive a notification from your TELOS Style app, and it’s time to receive your custom garment. You will pick it up at to the local tailor that took your measurements (or another if you prefer) and they will do the final fitting for the garment to ensure it is tailored to perfection. 
As you can see the TELOS Style streamlines the process from start to finish and makes it seamless to get a custom garment from a designer no matter where either of you are. TELOS Style meticulously crafts a tailored journey, ensuring a seamless and trustworthy personalized experience from beginning to end.
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Our ethos and purpose

At TELOS Style, our belief system is anchored in three core principles: advancing sustainability, empowering independent designers, and promoting accessibility to custom fashion — globally. 
With a strong commitment to minimizing environmental impact, we strive to push the boundaries of sustainability through ethical production practices and leveraging craftsmanship that ensures long lifespans of garments. By providing a platform for talented designers worldwide, TELOS Style fosters creativity and amplifies their voices, creating a thriving community. Additionally, we embrace the beauty and need for customization, allowing customers to collaborate with designers and celebrate individuality and unique style. With these pillars at the forefront, TELOS Style aims to make a positive impact on the fashion industry while offering a transformative and elevated fashion experience for all.

Who is TELOS Style for?

TELOS Style is for those who embrace our core principles and benefit from them the most:
TELOS Style is for anyone who appreciates customization and attention to detail. It is perfect for the person who seeks a wardrobe that truly reflects their unique style and personality, while supporting sustainable fashion practices. TELOS Style is great for those who value traditional craftsmanship with modern edge in every garment, and who is excited by collaborating one-on-one with talented designers. 
Elevated Experience
TELOS Style delivers a white-glove experience, tailoring clothing to your body measurements for unmatched comfort and confidence. With an emphasis on luxury, each garment is meticulously crafted to reflect your distinct style. Collaborating closely with talented designers, TELOS Style ensures a refined and personalized journey, selecting the finest fabrics and intricate embellishments. Elevate your wardrobe with TELOS Style and immerse yourself in a world of opulence, sophistication, and timeless indulgence.
Sustainable Principles
TELOS Style is particularly ideal to individuals with a sustainable mindset, as it offers a platform for active participation in ethical production practices and empowers them to make eco-conscious choices. In an era where environmental concerns are paramount, custom fashion with TELOS Style serves as a viable solution to address the negative impacts of fast fashion. By opting for custom-made garments, individuals can propel sustainable fashion forward. 
Innovation lies at the heart of TELOS Style, making it an exceptional choice for individuals who embrace forward-thinking and cutting-edge trends. Collaborating with skilled designers allows you to explore unique techniques, experiment with unconventional materials, and create designs that push the boundaries of traditional fashion. From incorporating modern technology to embracing sustainable practices, TELOS Style allows for the integration of innovative ideas and approaches. It enables you to stay ahead of the curve, express your individuality, and showcase your personal style in a truly distinctive and forward-looking manner.


In conclusion, TELOS Style is working to present a pioneer fashion-tech solution that seamlessly connects customers with esteemed independent designers worldwide. By harnessing the transformative potential of technology and an expansive network of trusted local tailors, our distinguished marketplace offers a carefully curated selection of exquisite, sustainable custom fashion.

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