News: Telos Style Partners with Basement Brooklyn in First Exclusive Preview for the Brand

New York, NY — June 18, 2023 // Telos Style, Inc., the New York-based fashion tech startup bridging customers to independent designers through a tech-enabled marketplace, announced today that the company is partnering with Basement Brooklyn to promote the brand’s exclusive upcoming collection preview, scheduled to take place on June 30th, 2023, in the charming neighborhood of Dumbo, at 247 Water Street.
Basement Brooklyn, an emerging streetwear brand that started as a student project and quickly grew beyond expectations, will be presenting its highly anticipated fashion show preview to media and the public. Created by visionary designer Noah Grin from Switzerland, Basement Brooklyn presents a captivating collection inspired by childhood memories of the Swiss Alps intertwined with the vibrant metropolitan culture of New York City, particularly the eclectic neighborhood of Bushwick.
The collaboration between Basement Brooklyn and Telos Style represents a marriage of fashion and technology, highlighting the immense potential of combining these two. By embracing technology-driven solutions, the industry alike can expand its horizons and influence buyers to make informed, sustainably-conscious purchasing decisions.
Noah Grin, the founder of Basement Brooklyn, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "Telos Style's commitment to pushing the boundaries of fashion aligns perfectly with our vision for Basement Brooklyn. We are thrilled to have their support for our runway preview, and we believe this collaboration will redefine the way people experience fashion."
Telos Style echoed Grin's sentiments, emphasizing the app's dedication to empowering fashion enthusiasts. "We are excited to partner with Basement Brooklyn and showcase how technology-based solutions can transform the fashion industry. Our aim is to provide users with an unparalleled user experience that transcends traditional limitations, and this collaboration is a testament to that vision. Noah is a talented designer that we are proud to support. "
Brooklyn Basement’s preview event will showcase a fusion of these contrasting elements, aiming to create an intriguing juxtaposition where the essence of New York emerges in the heart of the Alps. Every garment in the collection has been meticulously crafted in New York, emphasizing the brand's commitment to local production and quality craftsmanship.
Telos Style will furthermore be a partner present at Basement Brooklyn’s unveiling of the complete collection on August 5th, 2023, atop the iconic Emosson Dam in Switzerland. This breathtaking location perfectly complements the brand's concept and provides an extraordinary backdrop for showcasing the fusion of Swiss tranquility and New York's urban energy. 

About Telos Style

Telos Style bridges customers to independent designers everywhere, through a tech-enabled marketplace leveraging a global network of local tailors and produced sustainable products. The platform enables customers to collaborate with designers in a white-glove and red-carpet end-to-end experience, personalize their garments, and express their individual style uniquely made to their measurements. The use of qualified and universally local tailors reduces the carbon footprint associated with fast fashion, while sustainable materials and ethical practices further promote environmental consciousness. Telos Style's innovative approach empowers customers to break away from mainstream fashion trends and supports talented independent designers globally.

About Basement Brooklyn

Basement Brooklyn is an emerging streetwear brand founded by Noah Grin, a young and talented designer hailing from Switzerland. What initially started as a student project has rapidly evolved into a remarkable fashion label, capturing the essence of the Swiss Alps, and merging it with the urban spirit of New York City. Basement Brooklyn takes pride in crafting garments of exceptional quality and creativity while promoting local production.

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