Telos Style Soft Launches Partnership with Dawson Racing at Private Maddox Gallery London Viewing Experience

London, UK and New York, NY — June 19, 2023 // Telos Style, Inc., a New York-based fashion tech startup building a tech-enabled marketing bridging customers to independent designers through the use of local tailors, has partnered with Dawson Racing, an international sports car racing team. The partnership had a soft debut at a recent intimate invite-only event at contemporary art powerhouse Maddox Gallery in London on May 23. The private viewing experience blended tradition and technology which celebrated re-awakening the past and unveiling the future of innovation.
The collaboration between Telos Style and Dawson Racing marks an exciting milestone where two distinct industries converge to redefine the boundaries of innovation and creativity. This partnership aims to bridge the gap between fashion and motorsports, demonstrating the shared values of precision, passion, and relentless pursuit of excellence. Telos Style presented a custom-made bespoke suit jacket produced in partnership with Ray Stowers Bespoke, a key production partner in London.
"Telos Style is thrilled to partner with Dawson Racing in this groundbreaking collaboration," said the CEO of Telos Style. "We believe that by fusing fashion tech and motorsports, we can inspire individuals to embrace their unique styles and passions. Together, we are ushering in a new era of innovation and self-expression."
Dawson Racing's President, Simon Dawson, added, "Partnering with Telos Style allows us to explore the intersection of fashion and motorsports, creating a space where technology and craftsmanship come together harmoniously. We are excited to embark on this journey and redefine the possibilities within our respective industries while promoting sustainability and the evolution of both industries."
The Telos Style and Dawson Racing partnership at the recent private event at the art gallery serves as a promising prelude to future collaborations that will continue to push the boundaries of fashion, technology, and motorsports. This innovative partnership reinforces the belief that by combining the best of past and future, limitless opportunities for creativity and self-expression can be unlocked.
More details on the collaboration are to come.

About Telos Style

Telos Style bridges customers to independent designers through a tech-enabled marketplace leveraging a global network of local tailors. The platform enables customers to collaborate with designers in a white-glove end-to-end experience delivering unique one-of-a-kind garments. The use of qualified and universally-trained local tailors provides customers with accessibility to designers around the world and reduces the carbon footprint associated with fast fashion. Telos Style's innovative approach empowers customers to break away from mainstream fashion trends and supports talented independent designers globally.

About Dawson Racing

Dawson Racing is a highly competent manager, owner, and operator of an international sports car racing team. Its principals, Ian and Simon Dawson, have over 60 years of experience with factory and private global racing teams including engineering, technology, infrastructure, and marketing resources.
Event attendees with the Telos-enabled design by Ray Stowers Bespoke, a Savile Row partner.


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