In First Fashion Show of Its Kind, Basement Brooklyn to Hold Runway on 2000-Meter Dam Overlooking Swiss Alps

Brooklyn, NY – July 15, 2023 – Basement Brooklyn, the emerging fashion brand founded by the visionary designer Noah Grin, is thrilled to announce its highly anticipated fashion show set to take place at the iconic Emission Dam in Switzerland on August 5th in the first show of its kind. This exclusive event will showcase Basement Brooklyn's captivating collection, which artfully merges Noah's childhood memories of the Swiss Alps with the vibrant culture of New York City.
Noah Grin, a talented designer at the age of 22, hails from a small village in the top of Switzerland. Growing up surrounded by nature and wildlife, engaging in mountain treks, and even attempting to catch butterflies, Noah's passion for fashion ignited when he moved to New York City. It was in the bustling metropolis that his creativity flourished, leading him to pursue a career in the fashion industry.
To give a glimpse into the remarkable collection, Basement Brooklyn recently hosted a successful preview in New York City on June 30th, 2023. The event drew 100+ attendees who were eager to discover the brand's innovative designs. Concrete husband, a talented artist, provided a captivating introduction, blending classical music and techno beats with a mezmerizing flute performance. This unique combination perfectly captured the energy and spirit of Basement Brooklyn, leaving guests spellbound by the music and awe-inspired by the exquisite garments.
Basement Brooklyn is not just a fashion brand; it represents a lifestyle that celebrates self-expression, art, friendships, and the joy of living. The brand is inclusive and supports artists from all backgrounds. While owning Basement Brooklyn pieces may not be accessible to everyone, being a part of the brand certainly is. The collection draws inspiration from Noah's cherished memories, deeply rooted in the Swiss Alps. The name "Basement" reflects Noah's identification with Bushwick, the neighborhood where he arrived in New York City. It symbolizes a brand that embodies the essence of underground culture, where hidden treasures await those who embrace and appreciate its vibrant energy.

Basement Brooklyn cordially invites you to join them on this extraordinary journey as they unveil their unique fashion collection against the breathtaking backdrop of Emosson in Switzerland. Save the date, August 5th, 2023, to witness the harmonious fusion of Swiss tranquility and New York City's urban vibrancy. Experience Basement Brooklyn's vision and immerse yourself in a world where culture knows no boundaries.

Sponsors include TELOS Style, an up-and-coming app in the fashion space making custom fashion from international independent designers accessible.
About Basement Brooklyn
Basement Brooklyn is an emerging fashion brand founded by the young and talented designer, Noah Grin, from Switzerland. From its humble beginnings as a student project, the brand has quickly evolved into a remarkable fashion label that seamlessly blends Noah's childhood memories of the Swiss Alps with the vibrant culture of New York City. Basement Brooklyn takes pride in creating exceptional garments of exquisite quality and craftsmanship while promoting local production.

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